What We Do

Dedicated to excellence in the practice of law

Jaradat Lawyers law firm offers comprehensive legal services and solutions and enjoys a professional reputation in Jordan. we keep our clients informed and well updated and we do the best to achieve the business related legal objectives of the client and our lawyers are dutiful to provide our clients with commercially oriented legal advice in relation to all sectors of the commerce and industry as they represent local and international companies and individuals in various commercial transactions and civil, commercial, administrative and criminal disputes and have also represented a number of large and small businesses and the firm renders its services and representation in Arabic, English languages.
We render our legal services to all clients whether Middle Eastern, European, American, African, or Asian, who want to expand their business flows in Jordan and our lawyers’ profound knowledge of the Jordanian market combined with our expertise and understanding of our client’s needs, ensures the best results for our client as we are committed to provide the finest legal advice and representation, so while others see obstacles, our lawyers see opportunities, find solutions and open up new ways and produce fast results on the spot and offer legal services and expertise with international standards and solve the most sophisticated problems related to business and investment in Jordan and we render extraordinary results for our local and international clientele, even in seemingly hopeless cases where others have already given up.
Lawyers at the firm are keen to provide professional legal representation and seamless advice and they have attention to details in dealing with legal issues faced by the client and we communicate with our clients on a regular basis and provide them with all the information, details and steps regarding their lawsuits, transactions, and legal issues where our relationship with our clients is a distinct, private, and confidential relationship.
We offer advisory work as we render legal service over the matters that do not involve disputes for our local and local and international clients. Such services include but not limited to; Company Formation, Mergers and Acquisitions, Reformation and restructuring, Company Liquidation and Business Dissolution and providing legal consultancy in all branches of the Jordanian law as well as drafting, reviewing and vetting contracts and policies, structuring, negotiating and documenting commercial transactions. We also negotiate, draft and concludes judicial and non-judicial amicable settlements, board of directors and secretarial works as we also render alternative dispute resolutions services. In addition to the advisory work, we also offer Contentious works such as litigation and arbitration proceedings and consultations which are conducted by our legal counsels and lawyers.
At Jaradat Lawyers, we of course utilize today’s smart tech-solutions that have the effects of enhancing client experience and increasing service efficiency and quick turnarounds.

What We Aim For

We Aim to support our clients in preserving their legal interests and rights by rendering professional legal services that achieve their interests and expectations through our distinguished qualified lawyers and legal counsels that apply the highest standards of professionalism and that always render professional legal services that may pave the way forward to our clients and our clients are always surrounded by qualified and experienced team of lawyers since we insist on rendering the best quality with the best legal support.

Straightforward solutions for complex problems