Mohammad Jaradat
Managing Partner
THE Managing partner of our office Mr. Mohammad Jaradat established Jaradat Lawyers in 2000, where he worked to develop the Firm to become one of the major leading legal service providers in Jordan.
Mr. Mohammad Jaradat, holds LL.B in Law from from Lebanon and a Higher Diploma in Law from the University of Jordan, and an LL.M Master of Laws Degree in Civil Law from the Lebanese University in Lebanon.

Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Jaradat held several judicial posts as a Judge in the Jordanian Judiciary as he served as a Judge at the civil and criminal Courts of Jordan at various levels.. He also served as the Public Prosecutor of the Amman Court of Major Crimes and as the Presiding Judge of The Land Settlement Court. In addition, he served as a Judge and Senior Advisor at the Opinion & Legislation Bureau of the Prime Ministry of Jordan, where he participated in the legislation process of numerous laws and regulations of Jordan and opining on laws and legal conflicts emanating of application of laws in Jordan.

His accumulative and profound expertise which he gained over the past 39 years has been the key of the firm’s rapid growth and success and being one of the leading and renowned lawyers in Jordan, Mr. Jaradat represented numerous clients of both companies and individuals at various levels of conflicts (contentious and non-contentious), while guaranteeing the utmost interest and satisfaction of clients.