Our law firm strives to ensure that your company complies with the relevant Jordanian laws, regulations and instructions, so that your company can get a strong legal governance component for the company’s policies, regulations and contracts in order to mitigate risk and that they are accurately assessed and free of contradictions and the monitoring of legal compliance is carried out efficiently.

So your company can avoid regulatory contradiction or facing fines, censures, reputational damage and even prison penalties for your company’s managers in Jordan or even the restriction of your company operation or record in Jordan.

We provide legal compliance related but not limited to;

- Personal Data protection.
- Cyber security.
- Corporate Governance
- Health care and safety
- Environment related responsibilities and liabilities.
- Employment and social security
- income and sale Tax.
- Residency and work requirements.
- Licensing and permissions.
- Consumer Protection
- Customs
- Anti-competition.
- Civil aviation