About Jaradat & Associates

Jaradat & Associates is a leading multi-practice law firm well established in Amman Jordan, by Mr. Mohammad Jaradat in the year 2000, to provide effective, efficient, and creative legal services to meet the distinctive needs of local and international companies as well as public sector entities.

The firm expanded and steadily grown through the years to become one of the leading law firms in Jordan as our firm deals with all issues pertaining to doing business in Jordan whereas our philosophy and legal services concentrate on giving straightforward solutions and providing legal advice and representation that assist and allow companies and individuals to achieve and fulfill their sought after objectives while minimizing legal risk.

The firm is best known for its broad expertise in corporate and commercial, civil, and criminal law practices. The firm has an energetic real estate and wide litigation practice representing clients before the courts of Jordan at all levels. Lawyers at the firm keep our clients informed and well updated, doing the best to achieve justice, they are dutiful to provide our clients with commercially oriented legal advice and services in relation to all sectors of the commerce and industries as they represented local and international companies and individuals in a variety of commercial transactions, and have also represented a number of large and small businesses.

Meet Our Lawyers

Our lawyer team covers both contentious and non-contentious matters and delivers the best legal services within our jurisdiction as our Lawyer Team brings together Extensive experience in the practice of Companies Law, civil law and criminal law, Significant experience in drafting, reviewing and negotiating numerous kinds of commercial contracts and agreements and providing legal opinions on issues arises on the same, Expertise in litigation, writ practice and appellate advocacy in all courts of Jordan at all levels and the capability to proactively solve legal issues prior to reaching the litigation stage.

The founding and managing partner of our firm, Mr. Mohammad Jaradat, received his LL.B in Law from the Beirut Arab University and then his higher diploma in law from the University of Jordan, and a LL.M Master of Laws degree in Civil Law from the Lebanese University. Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Jaradat, held several judicial posts as a Judge and Public Prosecutor in the Jordanian Judiciary and courts of Jordan at various levels as well as he served as a judge and senior counselor at the Opinion & Legislation Bureau at the Prime Ministry of Jordan, where he participated in the legislation process of numerous laws and regulations of Jordan.

His accumulative and profound expertise which he gained over the past 34 years has been the key of the firm’s rapid growth and success. Being one of the leading and renowned lawyers in Jordan, Mr. Jaradat represented numerous clients of both companies and individuals at various levels of conflicts (contentious and non-contentious), while guaranteeing the utmost interest and satisfaction of clients.

Yazan is admitted to practice in Jordan and he is a member of jordan Bar Association. He holds a bachelor of Law degree and also received a Master of Laws degree LL.M (International Commercial Law) from the University of Derby, in England, United Kingdom.

Yazan’s specialist areas Yazan’s specialist areas span a wide range of areas of laws and his practice focuses on transactional corporate and commercial law, dispute resolution and commercial litigation, company formation, legal advice, mergers and acquisition, investment, project finance, construction, labor laws, corporate governance, capital market and intellectual property, tort and commercial agency and disputes related to carriage of goods by air, as well as providing advice to foreign and international companies desiring to invest in Jordan. Yazan has advised a wide range of local and international companies as well as financial institutions and leading international law firms on the legal aspects of Jordanian commercial and investment laws, in addition to representing clients before Jordan courts at all levels. Yazan is a bilingual Lawyer (Arabic & English).

Abdurrahman is admitted to practice in Jordan and he is a member of Jordan Bar Association. He holds a bachelor of Law degree from Al Ahleyya Amman University in Jordan. Abdurrahman specialises in a wide range of areas covering commercial and criminal Litigation, tort, dispute resolution, corporate & commercial, construction, Investment, Islamic banking, real estates, intellectual property, company formation and legal advice.
Abdurrahman is a bilingual Lawyer (Arabic & English)

Nawaf is admitted to practice in Jordan and he is a member of Jordan Bar Association. He holds a bachelor of Law degree and LLM Master of laws in commercial law form Alexandria University in Egypt.
Nawaf specialises in a wide range of areas covering real estates and construction dispute resolutions and commercial and criminal litigation, company formation, legal advice, construction, labor laws, Maritime, Aviation, Transport and intellectual property banking & Islamic banking, capital market and project finance.

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