We provide comprehensive legal advice and expertise on a wide range of matters pertaining to companies in Jordan before the Companies Control department at the Ministry of Industry and trade, Free and Development Zones and Aqaba special Economic Zone Authority whether by local or foreign investor as per the Jordanian Companies Law and other applicable laws, regulations and instructions including the Jordanian Regulation Regulating Investments for non-Jordanians for the year 2019.

Companies types that can be incorporated in Jordan

- General Partnership
- Limited Partnership
- Limited Liability
- Limited Liability – One Person
- Limited Partnership in Shares
- Public Shareholding
- Private Shareholding
- Operating or non-operating Foreign Company
- Offshore Company

the Legal actions, representation and legal advices we provide for local and international companies registered in Jordan

- We arrange and prepare the board/shareholders minutes of meetings and do attend the said meetings and document the board minutes and resolutions at the company’s record with the company’s Controller at the ministry of Industry and Trade.
- Corporate necessary legal submission at the Companies Controller including the financial statements, modifications, appointments, share increase/decrease, ordinary and or extraordinary general assembly meeting minutes.
- acting with competent authorities on behalf of the company, including Tax and social security authorities.
- Arranging for a registered or virtual office.
- Obtaining the needed share certificates form the Companies Controller.
- Acting as a company secretary for the shareholding companies.
- Preparing the memorandum and articles of the company.
- Registering the company with Jordan Bar association as company with an external legal counsel.
- Witness contract execution as a lawyer and attest documents as true and genuine copies.
- Corporate restructuring.
- Insolvency and bankruptcy.
- Company termination and or liquidation.
- Obtaining the occupational license form, the component Municipality.
- Preparing the lease agreement for the company’s premises, if leased.