Jaradat Law firm Law Firm handles the full range of aviation related commercial transactions including Dry and Wet Aircraft Lease related legal services and traditional regulatory matters in Aviation industry, with particular expertise in advising major domestic and international airlines operators and international Aircraft leasing Companies and Airport Operators.

We also provide comprehensive legal representation, legal advice and expertise on a wide range of matters pertaining to Civil Aviation law in Jordan including the international aviation treaties and conventions and the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission CARC related laws, regulations and instruction pertaining to the Aircraft Lease, Licensing, Deregistration, AOC, License Renewals, Airports related legal procedures and so our legal representation includes litigation and dispute resolution, liability claims and passenger claims and commercial transactions and extends to cargo clients, Jordan airports, customs and so.

Recent aviation experience:

Jaradat Lawyers has been recently engaged in the leasing two passenger Airbus Aircrafts on behalf of an International Aircraft Leasing Company in London and Dublin to Royal Jordanian Airlines PLC, the national carrier of Jordan, as the firm acted on behalf of Lessor in the two respective dry lease transactions.

Jaradat Lawyers also represented an International Aircraft Maintenance company in the deregistration related legal issues at the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission of Jordan and a local Bank in Jordan.

Jaradat lawyers also represented an international Aircraft leasing company recently in claiming financial dues from a local private aircraft operation company in Jordan over a wet lease transaction of a passenger aircraft.