We provide broad Legal consultations on labor and employment related issues, cases and or lawsuits.

Our firm is well reputed for its efficiency in dealing with all employment related matters, in addition to the social security matters in terms of contributions and deductions.

our employment lawyer team advised and represented a number of multinational companies, diplomatic commissions and local legal entities and international law firms, in employment related issues and conflicts.

we have extensive experience and capabilities to advise on all issues pertaining to employment contracts, daily company’s requested employment legal advice and employment litigation before all competent employment courts in Jordan, at a cost effective legal actions.

We provide legal advice, actions and representations for every category of staff including employees, managers, directors and senior officers or the employers.

Our employment practices include but not limited to:

1. Providing legal advice and opinions ion employment policies and internal regulation and checking compliance in accordance with the Jordanian Labor Law and drafting, reviewing and advising on the same and documenting the necessary handbooks and personnel regulation with the Ministry of Labor.
2. Legal representation before the wage authority at the Ministry of Labor whether for the employee or the employer.
3. Redundancy and or dismissal related legal matters
4. Drafting employment contracts in Arabic and English Languages.
5. Social security related legal advice and opinion for the employee and employer monthly participations and salary deductions and legal representation before the Social Security Corporation.
6. Employment related lawsuits and legal representation before the courts of Jordan and the Labor courts.