Yazan M. Jaradat

Yazan is an experienced Lawyer in Jordan and he is a member of the Jordan Bar Association. He holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree LL.B from Al Ahleyya Amman University in Jordan and a Master of Laws Degree LL.M in Commercial Law from University of Derby in the United Kingdome.

Yazan’s specialist areas span a wide range of areas of laws and his practice focuses on Transactional Corporate and Commercial Law, Aviation Law, Dispute Resolution and Commercial Litigation, Company Formation, Legal advice, Mergers and Acquisition, Investment, Construction, Labor Law, Data Protection, Corporate Governance, Tort and Commercial Agency.

He advises foreign and international companies desiring to invest in Jordan and has advised and acted for a wide range of multinational companies and leading international law firms over legal issues and commercial transactions, contracts and commercial disputes in Jordan.

And he is also an experienced lawyer in the Jordanian Aviation Laws and has a wealth of knowledge in the Leasing process of aircrafts in Jordan and the regulatory laws of Jordan pertaining to aircrafts deregistration and export matters at the Jordanian Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.

His expertise extends to representing Corporate and individual clients in various industries before all courts of Jordan at all levels of litigation in civil and commercial law related lawsuits and claims.

Experience Highlights:

  • Recently in 2022, Yazan has acted as the Local Legal Counsel in Jordan for a Global Aircraft Operating Leasing Company based in Dublin and London, in two Dry Lease Transactions of leasing two A320 Airbus Aircrafts to Royal Jordanian Airlines in Jordan. Yazan has advised the Lessor on the two respective lease transactions and agreements and also represented the Lessor in the execution and filling process of the respective Lease Agreements before the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission in Jordan.
  • Yazan appeared before the Johor High Court in Johor-Bahru in Malaysia as a legal expert in a multimillion-dollar dispute as Yazan was appointed and summoned by a Malaysian entity which was a defendant in the case and who has won the lawsuit.
  • Yazan was elected as a foreign legal expert to provide legal expertise to the court in a multi-million-dollar commercial lawsuit that was brought before the Ontario Supreme Court in Canada.
  • Advised and represented an International Aircraft Maintenance Company in Zurich\Switzerland over their dispute with a Private Jet Operation Company in Jordan and advised the Swiss maintenance company and their legal counsel in Zurich on the deregistration related matters of the aircraft with a local bank in Jordan and the Civil Aviation Regulatory Commission.
  • Advised along with colleague lawyers some international Airline Companies based in the Middle East and Europe on legal matters related to their operations in Jordan in accordance with the local commercial and employment laws.
  • Yazan represented Jaradat lawyers in advising Airports De Paris in France under the Jordanian Laws on certain legal matters related to their investment in the Airport International Group AIG which is the operator of Queen Alia International Airport in Jordan.
  • Concluded share transfer deeds amounting to 65 million Jordanian Dinars between a regional Real Estate Company and its subsidiaries in Jordan.
  • Acted for and advised BETA Engineering – Turkeyeh in disputes with its local subcontractors before the courts of Jordan pertaining to the execution of their EPC project for the Rehabilitation of Aqaba Oil Terminal and on other certain matters related to their EPC contract with Aqaba Development Company.
  • Acts as the external Legal Counsel of the Malaysian Embassy in Amman.
  • Advised the Korean International Cooperation Agency on Construction Contracts related legal matters in Jordan concerning the construction and engineering works of the schools they provided to the Jordanian Ministry of Education.
  • Advised a renowned confectionary company in Italy and several other companies in Europe on its Distributorship and Agency Agreements with their Jordanian agents and distributors.

Arabic and English.

Membership: Jordan Bar Association